​The second quarter ‘pause’ has left us all with traces of cabin fever and a new appreciation for the shopping and dining experiences we took for granted last year.

Businesses are just as anxious to welcome back customers and their wallets into their locations. Now faced with a more challenging economy, it may require a fresh message and a more robust marketing approach to rev up consumer momentum.

In this post, we will look at three digital marketing mediums and how to use them now to get customers away from their digital domain and into your physical front door.

Between Our Digital and Physical Worlds

1995 became a landmark year when the US National Science Foundation lifted its ban on commercial use of the internet and that’s when retail e-commerce was born. In fact, Amazon took flight that very year and the rest, as they say, is history.  Twenty-five years later, every person and enterprise has one foot in both the digital internet world and the physical or brick-and-mortar world. 

And digital marketing is the lifeline for both.

The Three Steps for Getting More Foot Traffic :

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A Well Designed Business Website

A professional-looking, well-designed website is priority one regardless of whether your core business is e-comm or in-store. Yes, it matters just as much for a brick and mortar store. Why, because 73% of today’s consumers are searching, surfing, and shopping your business online long before taking one step through your front door. And within the first 7 seconds potential clients make snap judgments about your business based on nothing more than the look and feel of your website. So invest in rockin’ that first impression! 

A great website adds tons of value to your business in terms of broader customer reach, awareness, and even additional revenue streams. And, don’t forget to put promotions and specials on your landing page to drive more business, too!

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Our second strategic tool is Social Media at least the top three platforms for lead generation in the retail, food, art, entertainment, and beauty industries are Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. These are the social platforms that retail shoppers and diners use daily.

The key behind social media is you have to be social. You have to engage with your audience, also known as followers. And why, you say, well because of this stunning statistic from Pew Research – 84% of consumers will purchase from a brand they follow on social media over a competitor.

Brick and mortar businesses can use any of these platforms to advertise, promote sales or specials, and showcase your products. With a demographic of 18-54 year olds spending up to 5 HOURS A DAY on social media, it is worth your time to post and comment everyday!

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Indoor Billboard Advertising

The third strategic tool that is ideal for driving foot traffic is indoor billboard advertising! Not the ten stories high in Times Square type of billboards but the same concept. Using vivid digitally projected brand messaging in everyday places that consumers frequent and, often wait like stores, shopping malls, salons, and restaurants. The same brand advertising that you create for your website or social media is easily applied to these indoor digital billboards and can be changed or customized with ease. It is a fresh approach and an excellent way to generate more interest in your business right in your community.

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These three tools are proven winners in generating more brand awareness and putting them together to work for your local business, you will not only drive more visitors to your website but you will also drive more buyers into your stores.