Host Partners

Join the Network & Become a Host Partner

We have completed the 1st phase of our network development with screens at 30 host locations in the Grand Strand area. 

Contact us to join the waitlist for phase 2.


Host Locations are Limited By

Business Type Per Zone

Don’t miss out – call us today to
secure your spot in the zone(s) of your choice!

Screen Sharing Program

Participate with other non-competitive
business locations in your area.

Highlight Your Products

Shine the spotlight on what you work so hard
to perfect, produce and provide.

Build Your Brand

Your name and message will be played
thousands of times at various locations in
addition to your own.

Host Partners

Simply put, becoming a Host Partner means participating in a Screen Sharing Program with other non-competitive business locations in your area. You will have the unique ability to continually communicate with existing customers at your own location as well as with existing and potential new customers outside your location. Your name, your brand and your message will be played thousands of times at any number of business locations in addition to your own. The content of your message is up to  you, but commonly include your products, services, specials and other exciting information!


What you get

Exclusive ads

Host partners limited to one or two per business type per zone

Lock in your space now. Once committed, exclusivity lasts as long as the advertiser wants. Limited to premier businesses.

Inside Ads

Minimum of one [1] inside ad
15 seconds each

Each Ad will play at 100% Full Screen, no other material or images will be present when the INside Ad is playing.

Outside Ads

15 seconds each

Outside Ads will play at a minimum of four (4) other non-competitive partner locations.

Vertical Ads

Minimum of six (6) rotating every 10 Seconds

Verticals are images that play on the right side of the screen and are mostly reserved for the Host Partner. We say mostly because we do promote NTX Indoor Digital Billboards as well as other possible charity events from time to time. They come in two types: Text and Picture base. When your Full Screen Inside Ad is not playing, then the Verticals are there to keep your promos front and center to your customers. Many Host Partners use them to promote lower selling items or services that many of their customers aren’t aware of, such as Notary Services.


Four Zones in the Grand Strand Area

Horry and Georgetown Counties. Choose to advertise in as many as you wish. (Individual screen locations prohibit host competitors.)

North Strand

Includes everything to the North Carolina Border, Litte River to the West and the Myrtle Beach city line to the South.

Central Strand

Myrtle Beach city limits.


South Strand

Murrells Inlet, Surfside Beach, Garden City, Georgetown, Litchfield by the Sea, Pawley's Island.


Conway, Carolina Forest, Coastal Carolina University.