Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions about our Host and Advertiser Programs

Why should I advertise?

  • 82% of business owners say most of their new business comes from referrals
  • A repeat customer spends 67% more than a first-time customer
  • It costs 10X more to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing one
  • More than 80% of customers want to share a positive experience
  • Frequency of a customer can be increased by Top of Mind awareness
  • Most customers will try something new because of a positive review or a friend’s recommendation

Why should I choose Indoor Digital Media?

In-store technology attracts and entertains retail customers. “76% of consumers entered a site because a digital sign was interesting; another 75% of consumers have told others about a store because they were impressed by the signage.”  –Digital Signage Today, March 2016.

They can’t talk about you unless they see you. Small businesses and franchisees draw most of their customers from a 5-10m radius of their locations. Stay Top of Mind and Relevant by creating Word of Mouth.

Why should I choose you?

  • IBN is the exclusive authorized dealer for N-Compass, the largest Indoor Digital Network company in North America and one of Inc Magazine’s fastest-growing private companies.
  • IBN is building a large network in the Grand Strand.
  • IBN offers up to 4 geographical zones from which to choose.
    • North Myrtle Beach
    • Myrtle Beach
    • Conway | Carolina Forest
    • Murrells Inlet

What is the length of my ad?

The average ad is 20 seconds long, however, you may choose ads from 15 -30 seconds – prices vary.

How often will my ads run?

Minimum every 15 minutes for every location where it is playing. Ads will run during the business hours of the host locations.

Can I choose where my ads play?

Yes! Choose where your ads play – target your audience.

Can I change where my ads play?

Yes, we can change locations within one day.

Is there a contract?

For an Advertiser, there are no contracts. All commitments are month to month, however if you do a verbal commitment for one year, you get one free location.

For a Host Partner, there is a one year contract agreement with discounts on Pre-Pay. Please see the Host Partner Pricing Plans or call/email us for more information at (843) 272-4599 or

Are there a discount for multiple locations?

Yes, please contact us for discount pricing for multiple locations

Does the Internet stream and use up my bandwidth?

No it’s kind of like your email. Every so often it checks for any new updates if there are none then no activity is used. If there is a change it is downloaded and stored at the local player level (we provide).

Can I use my ad on social media?

As a bonus, we will provide you a copy of your Ad to post on your social media sites.

How much does it cost?

We have packages that cost as little as $250 per month.

My business is seasonal - can I advertise only during my busy season?

Yes. Our seasonal package runs form April through October.

What is the difference between a Host Partner and an Advertiser?

A Host Partner agrees to have a high definition screen placed in their business.
An Advertiser pays to be on a Host Partner screen of their choice.

If I am accepted as a Host Partner who installs the equipment?

Indoor Billboard Network handles everything needed for a professional installation. All installations are hard wired for best results and IBN must approve all screen placements.

Who designs my ads?

Indoor Billboard Network will collaborate with you and professionally design an Ad with your images and key text.

What does exclusivity mean?

We limit our advertisers to one or two per zone per business type. In other words, our billboards won’t be dominated by dozens of restaurants or real estate agents.